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“Country music rules!  The ‘Nashville sound’ has become the undisputed force on the charts, in record sales and concert venues.  Along with this unprecedented surge in popularity have come countless opportunities for promising new singers.  You hear a new voice on the radio practically every day!” Gabriel Farago — Nashville producer and author of “Secrets to Success in Country Music”
But look out for the ‘BRICK WALL’… Anyone who has ever tried to make it in Nashville — or just break into the music business in general — can relate to the feeling of running into a brick wall. The scenario is always the same–you get only so far, then that’s it! This is especially frustrating to individuals who know they have what it takes, but cannot find an opportunity to prove it to the rest of the world.
To add to an aspiring artist’s dilemma, there has always been an incredible lack of reliable information in this area. Contrary to what many believe, your chances of being discovered singing in a bar or at karaoke are practically zip! And your chances of winning on ‘Idol’ or ‘The Voice’ are even less! Misinformation abounds and people buy into the assumption that success is something they have very little control over. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth!
While talent plays a significant part, getting a break in the music business means ‘making it yourself’–in other words–knowing “what to do” and “how to do it”! ‘Knowledge’ is always the cornerstone of success!
OUR SOLUTION…The Gabriel Music Group has created a unique, systematically-related menu of options that effectively address the key issue: “How to make your talent work for you!” And as you explore our web site further, you will see how the Gabriel Music Group offers an opportunity unlike any other to help talented singers discover their full potential and achieve maximum success.

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