Serious about your music??
You need the CAREERLauncher Program!



Here’s why:

  1. Establishes you as a Nashville recording artist.
  2. Associates you with NSD Records, long-time independent label giant.
  3. Provides a practical approach to Nashville’s major labels through their A & R departments.
  4. Offers vital direction to help you get booked in high visibility concert-type venues (fairs, rodeos, theme parks and festivals).
  5. Shares inside techniques used by professional record promoters to get radio airplay – even before you are signed to a label!
  6. Gives guidance on production and marketing options.
  7. Delivers fantastic publicity opportunities for Internet, TV, radio, print – exposure that counts!
  8. Opens doors to radio airplay in the international market.


Contact us either by phone or email. If we miss your call, make sure you leave a message. We are often times in production, but we’ll get back to you shortly!

We will need a ‘demo’ of your singing, so start working on that right away. It can be a “home made” recording–on the computer or smartphone–as well as karaoke or something you’ve done in the studio. The emphasis here is not on ‘audio quality’ , but rather sharing what the Good Lord has given you talent wise. Again, a ‘raw’, plain recording is fine. We just want to get an idea of “who/what” you are vocally!

We in turn will send you a detailed production brochure outlining all of the ‘steps and stages’ of the CAREERLauncher Program. This info will point out how the program works and what it provides. We encourage you to look through our website thoroughly to better understand all of the aspects of the Gabriel Music Group, as well as better appreciating the knowledge and experience (‘credits’) Gabriel Farago has to share with you.

Contact Information

(615) 944-2230


People in general are painfully ignorant about what it really takes to break into the mainstream of the country music business.


The CAREERLauncher Program  has been created to present the facts, remove the mystery and offer talented singers a legitimate opportunity to dramatically soundboardincrease their likelihood of success.


How? The CAREERLauncher Program  opens doors vital to your success and your ability to make money. Instead of the low-potential, “go no-where” venues singers are typically forced to pursue – bars, talent contests, karaoke, etc. – the CAREERLauncher Program and it’s “Eight-Point Strategies” present a whole new world of realistic opportunities.


Unless you’re already signed to a major label with a career in full swing, you need the CAREERLauncher Program  to help take you to the next level.  Voice-wise, you may be as good as anybody out there, but it takes more than that.  Even though there is no “magic formula” for success, all the Nashville chart busters have managed to create a winning combination of several key areas. The CAREERLauncher Program  is specially designed to help you create and discover your own winning combination!


Here’s what really matters:



You are born with what the good Lord gives you.  it’s up to you to hone and develop your talent from there.  But remember this – talent is like buried treasure, it’s not worth anything until it’s discovered!



Motivation, confidence, determination – along with a business-oriented approach – are cornerstones of success in the music industry!  Just wishing or hoping never got anybody anywhere.  You’ve got to be willing to help yourself!



Find something that fits, but make sure it’s “believable”! Play up your strengths. Don’t worry, you do not have to be “gorgeous” to present a marketable, star quality.



Having the right game plan and making the right moves. Without the proper know-how and insight you won’t go anywhere!


Potential Hit Product

You must focus on creating tangible proof of what you have to offer. You alone are responsible for that!


Once you’ve submitted your demo and read through your CAREERLauncher Program brochure, we will thoroughly discuss the options. Your “level” of talent will determine what direction/option will work best for you. Typically, everything begins with a Nashville recording session.
An ‘industry competitive’ (in other words ‘great’) recording IS and will be your calling card. It will show what you have to offer! A hit potential recording is required to open the right doors. Gabriel Farago of Gabriel Music Group has the know-how to help you, the aspiring artist, do that!


Once you’ve recorded, doors open to a myriad of opportunities and possibilities–live performance venues, record labels, radio airplay, product sales, media promotion, finding backers (investors), internet exposure–and the list goes on! Here again, you need to be working with someone who knows what they’re doing. This is the point where most recording and artist development projects fall flat on their face! The “follow-up” to recording is crucially important. ‘Anything’ and ‘everything’ IS possible if you and your talent are handled properly. This is an area that sets Gabriel Music Group apart and makes it outstanding! The CAREERLauncher Program will guide you and provide the opportunity to open all of the doors so vital to your success.


nsd records musicians

Nashville’s Best!

If it’s “country” everything you hear on the radio was recorded in Nashville! To be competitive it is vital that your product has the same quality. The studio musicians and backup singers your recording project will feature are the very best Nashville has to offer! Let us introduce you to our favorites (and a few of their credits!):

John Willis  (guitar)

John Willis – Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Gabriel Farago, Tim McGraw, Shania Twain, Alabama, Randy Travis, Toby Keith, Joe Diffee, LeAnn Rimes …

Sonny Garrish  (steel guitar/dobro)

Sonny Garrish – Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Reba McEntire, Clint Black, Little Texas, Kathy Mattea, Gabriel Farago, Patty Loveless, Beachboys …

Rob Hajacos  (fiddle/violin)

Rob Hajacos – Taylor Swift, Luke Perry, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Gabriel Farago, Brooks and Dunn, Aaron Tippin, Tanya Tucker, Chris LeDoux …

Steve Brewster  (drums/percussion)

Steve Brewster icon – Gabriel Farago, SHeDAISY, Faith Hill, Deana Carter, Bob Seger, Jewel, Carman, Oak Ridge Boys,
Big & Rich …

Jimmy Carter  (bass)

Jimmy Carter – Dierks Bentley, Tim McGraw, Clay Walker, Keith Whitley, Kenny Rogers,
Peter Gabriel, Gabriel Farago …

Bobby Ogdin  (piano/keyboards)

bobby ogden – Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers, Wynonna Judd, Travis Tritt, The Judds, Conway Twitty, Amy Grant, Tom Jones, Gabriel Farago, Wayne Newton …

Mike Rojas  (piano/keyboards)

Mike Rojas
– Patty Loveless, Hank Williams, Jr., Marty Stuart, David Ball, Travis Tritt, Gabriel Farago, Blake Shelton …

Mike Douchette  (harmonica & steel guitar)

Mike Douchette – Alabama, Gabriel Farago, Dan Seals, Tammy Wynette, Eddie Raven, Ray Price …

Brent Mason  (guitar)

– Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, Josh Turner, Tracy Byrd, Lee Ann Womack, Gabriel Farago, Mindy McCready, Buddy Jewel, Ricky Skaggs, Uncle Kracker, Rhett Atkins …

Joel Key (acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo)

Joel Key – Rodney Atkins, Collin Raye, Merle Haggard, Gene Watson, Alison Krauss,
Gabriel Farago …

(Back-up Vocalists include)

Backup Singers - Perry Coleman - Tanya Hancheroff - Wendy Moten

Perry Coleman

John Wesley Ryles

Lisa Silver

Tanya Hancheroff

Wendy Moten

The legendary Jordanaires Quartet

FAQ    (click colored bar to see detail)

How far can the CAREER Launcher Program take me?
Whether you want to be a “big fish in a small pond”, or are shooting for a record deal, the CAREERLauncher Program  can head you in the right direction. Our program allows you the flexibility to adapt it to your own goals. It provides information and step by step strategies to pursue record labels, lucrative high-profile engagements (such as fairs and festivals), radio airplay, tremendous publicity opportunities, as well as getting a Nashville quality recording. Your own motivation will to a great extent determine the success you have.


What’s the big deal about Nashville quality? Why can’t I just record with good local musicians?
As an aspiring recording artist, you need to make the best impression possible. True, there are excellent musicians everywhere, but the best in the business are concentrated in Nashville. Record companies are used to hearing top quality recordings, and any chance of radio airplay is virtually impossible without the “Nashville sound”.


I sing fine on my own, why do I need a producer?
Although you may sing well on stage, the studio is a whole different ball game.  you need  your producer’s guidance and objectivity.  The difference between a “good” or hit potential vocal performance can be small and subtle at most!


I’ve been told ‘if you are good you never have to pay for anything, they will’ – Is this true?
Yes, but only once you’ve been signed to a record label!  However, in order to get signed, you need to present a top quality, convincing product.  The burden of proof is on your shoulders, and that is your responsibility.  There are no free rides!


What about all the competition out there?
Your only competition in the recording business is yourself! Success depends on how well you do what you are trying to do. We have a 70 year old client from Idaho who is a regional hero, selling all kinds of CD’s and doing shows, including TV!


Why is original material so important?
New or original material is an essential part of what establishes your identity as an act. That is why aspiring country singers aren’t going to make it by recording Garth Brooks or Patsy Cline songs! Original material showcases the real you! Providing it is another outstanding feature of the CAREERLauncher Program.


I’ve been playing clubs for years. How can I make real money with my talent?
Talent alone doesn’t bring success and things don’t just happen by themselves. You must be able to package what you have to offer and pursue the right avenues. The CAREERLauncher Program will introduce venues where it’s possible to make $2,500 or more per show, even without a big name! Every state is loaded with opportunities like this, but you need to know where to look.


Do I have to know how to read music for the CAREER Launcher Program?
No, it is not necessary to read music, or play an instrument, or write your own songs.


Must I Qualify for the CAREER Launcher Program?
Yes, that’s why we require a demo. We will evaluate your demo and provide an objective assessment of whether we feel it would be mutually beneficial for us to take you on as a client.



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