New Book Reveals Secrets To Success!
Got singing talent? Move Over, American Idol! Nashville producer Gabriel Farago is taking Music City and the recording industry by storm with the publication of his new book, Secrets To Success In Country Music ($39.95 Opry of the Sandhills Press).
“You hear a new voice on the radio practically every day” says Farago, “yet reliable information on how to break into the country music business remains virtually non-existent. Success in the music industry is all about know-how”.
Aspiring singers need not worry about running into brick walls or getting ripped off any longer. Secrets to Success In Country Music gives the straight scoop on what it takes to “turn your talent into treasure”.
Within its 26 eye-opening chapters the reader receives priceless, life-changing “inside info” and career launching direction from the author’s 35 years of hands on experience.
Nashville sources agree that Gabriel Farago’s book is long overdue. “Secrets to Success In Country Music is a remarkably clever and informative book”, says Ray Pilszak of Amusement Business Magazine, “it’s a very useful tool for people who want to pursue their dream.”


What makes Secrets To Success In Country Music so unique?

Consider the facts. With over 2,100 full time stations, country music is by far the most popular format in radio programming (source: M Street Journal) Add to that the smash ratings for TV talent shows.

It’s easy to see singing is our national obsession!. Curiously, information on “what to”, “where to”, “who to”, and “how to” break into the music/recording industry has never been available… until now!!

“Innovative 370-page, ‘tell all’ book is jam-packed
with hot tips, tricks, and strategies on how to successfully pursue a singing career.”

About the Author

Gabriel Farago’s life represents the American Dream.   Considered the most (radio) played “non North American born” country artist prior to Keith Urban,  Farago came to the United States as a five-year-old Hungarian war refugee.  Hooking up with Nashville legend Harold Bradley in 1978, Farago saw several of his records hit Billboard’s charts in the 80’s.  His trademark high energy shows made him a concert favorite, influencing the rock type, country acts of today.
Expanding into artist development and record production in the 90’s, Farago has continued to help singers and songwriters through his nationally recognized CAREERLauncher Program.   An experienced songwriter, publisher, and promotions coordinator as well,  he hosts his own radio shows and has appeared on TV.    Future plans include developing new Christian artists for NSD records.